Helio Pulse

Helio Pulse. High Efficient vacuum CSP systems

About Helio Pulse

Analyzing of the available products in the market, we came to the following conclusions about the current design of vacuum solar collectors.

Disadvantages of modern solar systems for domestic use:

  • low actual efficiency
  • can overheat in summer
  • low or no productivity in winter
  • long payback period (20-30 years)

After examining different constructions of helio-systems we noticed that for domestic households and small power stations ( up to 1 mW) so called CSP-systems (CSP - concentrated solar power) are not used. It happened because of some engineer problems have to be solved when creating such type of a system.

Our team managed to do it. As a result, we received available and high efficient solution of vacuum solar collectors-concentrators - Helio Pulse



High efficiency

Up to 50% of total sunlight. Our system is 1.5-3 times more efficient than classical vacuum systems

Affordable and real return

The price is comparable to other vacuum systems and the payback period is 2-3 times lower.

The lack of common problems of sun collectors

Do not overheat and works great in winter

High coolant temperature (up to 90C)

Ability to use the system with a hot water system and with a heating system.


The system can be easily scaled from 2 up to several dozen of mirrors.

Automation and reliability

Control unit allows a one-time setup of the system one-time without monitoring its work.


The amount of heat generated by HelioPulse collector hub for 4 mirrors located in Lviv

* Figures received from the heat meter ZENNER zelsius

Number of power generation per month

Number of power generation per year

From begining kW


Ukraine, Lviv